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Katrina Haley

Please contact 1-800-950-0485 to report a school transportation complaint.

The following procedure will govern how students, teachers, staff and community members shall submit safety complaints:

  • All complaints should be initiated using the contact number for reporting and other contact information located on the rear bumper of each bus.
  • Once initiated each complaint will be investigated by the local transportation manager or designee who shall also report the complaint to the transportation supervisor, keep the supervisor informed regarding the investigation and notify the supervisor of findings and resolution of the complaint.
  • Investigation begins with in twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.
  • Preliminary report to the Director of Schools within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of complaint.
    • i. Time/date of complaint; Summary of complaint; Driver involved; Prior complaints or disciplinary actions taken against driver.
  • Within sixty (60) days of receipt of complaint, a final written report shall be made to the Director of Schools which shall include findings of investigation; action taken by the local transportation manager in concert with the transportation supervisor in response to the complaint.
  • Annual notice will be provided to students and parents regarding the process for reporting complaints.
18-19 Warren County Schools, TN Calendar
Katrina Haley


2018-19 Warren County Schools Academic Calendar

August 6, 2018       Registration Day Abbreviated 7:45-9:45 No Buses                
August 7, 2018       No Students
August 8, 2018       First Day for Students
Sept 3, 2018           Labor Day (No School)
Sept 14, 2018         Fair Day (No School)
Oct 8-12, 2018        Fall Break
Nov 5, 2018            Parent/Teacher Conference High School 3:00pm-6:00pm
Nov 6, 2018            Parent/Teacher Conference PreK-5 and Prek-8 Elementary   3:00pm- 6:00pm
Nov 8, 2018            Parent/Teacher Conference Warren Co. Middle School 3:00pm-6:00pm
Nov 20, 2018         Teacher Professional Development (Stockpiled Day No Students)
Nov 21-23, 2018    Thanksgiving Break
December 19, 2018    Abbreviated Day 7:45-9:45 (Buses will run)
End of First Semester    86 days + 1 full PD=87 days December 20, 2018-    Holiday Break
January 2, 2019     Holiday Break
January 3, 2019     Teacher Professional Development (No School for         Students)(Stockpiled Day)
January 4, 2019     Students Return from Holiday Break January 21, 2019      Martin Luther King Day (No School)
January 28, 2019   Parent/Teacher Conference Warren Co. Middle School
January 29, 2019    Parent/Teacher Conference High School 3:00pm-6:00pm January 31, 2019    Parent/Teacher Conference PreK-5 and Prek-8 Elementary 3:00pm-6:00pm
February 18, 2019    Presidents Day (No School)
March 18-March 22, 2019    Spring Break (No School)
April 19, 2019            Good Friday (No School)
April 10-12, 2019      Pre-K and K Screening West Elementary Gym (Subject to
when testing dates are released)
May 13-22, 2019       Kindergarten and 8th Grade Graduation Window
May 22, 2019           Teacher Professional Development (Stockpiled Day No Students)
May 23, 2019           End of Second Semester 91 days + 2 PD=93 days
                         Last Day of School (Abbreviated 7:45am-9:45am No Buses)
May 24, 2019            High School Graduation

Report Card Distribution Dates

1st Quarter Ends October 5, 2018           Report Cards October 22, 2018
2nd Quarter Ends December 19, 2018    Report Cards January 14, 2019
3rd Quarter Ends March 14, 2019            Report Cards April 1, 2019
4th Quarter Ends May 23, 2019               Report Cards May 23, 2019

●    Building Principals upon request will have the flexibility to change the date of their Parent/Teacher conference in their building to meet their individual needs. The request should be made in writing to the Director of Schools and approved prior to the date requested.


Tip Line - Warren County Schools, TN
Katrina Haley

In an effort to increase safety, the Warren County School District in conjunction with Warren County Sherriff’s Department has developed an anonymous TEXT-A-TIP line: 931-952-6770. We want to encourage anyone who has information regarding someone selling drugs, threatening to hurt others, having or planning to bring weapons on campus, as well as any illegal activity or public safety concerns in the schools, to text that information to the TEXT-A-TIP line. Any information regarding any school may be sent via text and will go directly to a school resource officer. IF ANYONE HAS INFORMATION THAT IS AN EMERGENCY, THEY SHOULD CALL 911. We feel this will be another avenue to help provide important information to authorities and help us all to stay safe.