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No. 04 Section D Fiscal Management » DA - Goals and Objectives

DA - Goals and Objectives

DA - Fiscal Management
          Goals and Objectives

Issued Date:06/24/99


Issued: 11/01/95


The Board shall practice sound fiscal management procedures which guarantees maximum use of all resources provided. The Board assumes responsibility, within its financial capabilities, for providing at public expense all items of equipment, supplies and services that may be required in the interest of education in the schools under its jurisdiction.1

In fiscal management, the Board seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. To engage in advance planning, with broad-based staff and/or community involvement;
  2. To establish levels of funding which will provide quality education for the system’s students;
  3. To use the available techniques for budget development and management;
  4. To provide timely and appropriate information to all staff with fiscal management responsibilities; and
  5. To establish efficient procedures for accounting, reporting, purchasing and delivery, payroll, payment of vendors and contractors, and all other areas of fiscal management.


Legal References:

1.  Tennessee Internal School Uniform Accounting Policy Manual; Section 4-19