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No. 10 Section J - Students » Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy

A written recommendation from the Student Discipline board was presented regarding alcohol violations. Motion by Mr. Holmes, seconded by Mr. Lee to approve the alcohol policy with the stipulation that it is to be included in the student handbook. Motion carries. The effective date of the alcohol policy will be effective 2011-2012.



THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2010     


Student use, possession, distribution, sale, or being under the influence of alcohol on any school grounds or at any school function (home or away) is strictly prohibited. On first offense, the student will be suspended and sent to the next Discipline Board where the minimum penalty for violation of this policy will be placement to the Alternative School for a minimum of 45 instructional days or until the end of the grading period, whichever is greater and the loss of all privileges in the Warren County School System. The second and all subsequent violations of this policy will result in the assignment to the Alternative School for one calendar year with reviews to be held at semester breaks to determine student progress and placement and the loss of all privileges in the Warren County School System.

Being under the influence of illegal drugs will also be included with the above alcohol policy since it is not addressed under the zero tolerance.