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No. 10 Section J - Students » JCCA - Corporal Punishment

JCCA - Corporal Punishment

JCCA - Corporal Punishment

Issued Date:12/17/09
Issued: 11/01/95

Any principal, assistant principal or teacher may use corporal punishment in a reasonable manner against any student for good cause in order to maintain discipline and order within the public schools1 in accordance with the following guidelines:2

  1. Corporal punishment shall be administered only after other less stringent measures have failed, or if the conduct of a student is of such nature that corporal punishment is the only reasonable form of punishment under the circumstances;
  2. The instrument to be used in administering corporal punishment shall be approved by the principal;
  3. Corporal punishment shall be reasonable;
  4. Corporal punishment shall be administered in the presence of another professional employee;
  5. The nature of the punishment will be such that it is in proportion to the gravity of the offense, the apparent motive and disposition of the offender, and the influence of the offender’s example and conduct on others; and

A disciplinary record shall be maintained and shall contain the name of the student, the type of misconduct, the type of corporal punishment administered, the name of the person administering the punishment, the name of the witness present and the date and time of punishment.

Disciplinary records shall be filed in the school office and made available to parents or students, whichever is appropriate.3