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02/26/24 Board Meeting Agenda

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Posted: 02/19/24, Revised 2/23/24


TO:                Warren County School Board Members, Warren County Media

FROM:          Dr. Grant Swallows, Director of Schools

RE:                School Board Meeting            

DATE:          Monday, February 26, 2024

TIME:           5:00 pm

PLACE:         Warren Co. Schools Central Office, 2548 Morrison St., McMinnville, TN  



Individuals desiring to appear before the board must submit a written request with descriptive materials to the office of the Director of Schools two (2) business days before the meeting. If the request is approved by the executive committee, the item will be placed on the agenda. Individuals placed on the agenda will be recognized at the beginning of the meeting and given time to speak when their topic of interest is addressed on the agenda.


There will be a public comment period for each meeting with actionable items on the agenda, with the exception of teacher disciplinary hearings. Comments shall be limited to topics listed on the agenda. The total public comment period for agenda items as well as requests to add items to the agenda shall be for no more than thirty (30) minutes. If an individual wishes to address the Board on an Agenda item, he/she shall sign up on the form provided before the beginning of the board meeting to request time to speak.  Each speaker shall be given no more than three (3) minutes. See Board Policy 1.404 Appeals to and Appearances Before the Board for more information: https://tsba.net/warren-county-board-of-education-policy-manual/#board-operations


Board Meeting


5:00 -Call to Order and Approval of the Agenda – Chris Cope, Chair

Pledge of Allegiance

 Approval of Consent Agenda (If no objections, the following items in the consent agenda will be considered passed when the consent agenda is passed)

·         Minutes: Board Meeting: 01/22/24: Executive Minutes: 1/29/24, 1/29/24 (2), 01/29/24 (3), 1/30/24, 02/04/24, 02/09/24, 02/09/24 (2), 02/09/24 (3), 02/14/24, 02/15/24, 02/15/24 (2), 02/15/24 (3)

·         Finance

·         Checks

·         Contracts/Resolutions- The Contracts/Resolutions section of the Consent Agenda Includes the Following Board Policies:

o   Annual Review of Board Policies: Instructional Services: 5.400-5.803 Personnel. These Policies are Posted at the Following Link for Review: https://tsba.net/warren-county-board-of-education-policy-manual/#personnel

·         Bids

·         Surplus


Request to Address the Board

    ·      Al and Candice Rowland Anzoategui – 3 Minutes

Public Comment

 Student Advisory Report


  • Teachers of the Year
  • Classified & Certified Employees of the Month

  Facilities & Resources

·      Construction Updates

 Operations Report -Grant Swallows, Director of Schools

·   School Spotlight – Morrison Elementary & West Elementary

·   Special Education Director Update – Dr. Candice Willmore

·   Chronic Absenteeism Discussion

·   4th Graders -Tennessee Literacy Success Act –Discussion

·   New Door Locks Districtwide - Approval

  • Name Recommendation for New WCMS Admin Building - Tidwell Memorial Administrative Complex-Approval


Curriculum & Achievement

·         None

Other Business as Needed and/or Requested



Next Scheduled Board Meeting – Monday, March 25, 2024