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05/28/20 Board Meeting Agenda

5/28/20 School Board Meeting Agenda

Revised 5/27/20

TO:     Warren County School Board Members
FROM:    Mr. Grant Swallows, Director of Schools
RE:    School Board Meeting        
DATE:    Thursday, May 28, 2020 
TIME:    5:00pm
PLACE:    WCHS Auditorium – Due to COVID-19 guidance, the public will not be allowed in the auditorium during the meeting. The meeting can be accessed live via LIVE on WCSTV BLTV channel 180, as well as on the Warren County Schools YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/wcstv180 The meeting will also be available for on demand viewing directly after the meeting on the YouTube channel.

Board Meeting
Call to Order and Approval of the Agenda – Tanya Bess, Chair

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Consent Agenda (If no objections, the following items in the consent agenda will be considered passed when the consent agenda is passed)     
Minutes: Board Meeting-04/23/20; Executive Minutes:04/24/20: 04/27/20: 04/29/20; Called Meeting Minutes: 05/01/20; 05/02/20; Executive Minutes: 05/04/20; Called Meeting Minutes: 05/07/20; 05/11/20; Executive Minutes: 05/13/20; 05/14/20; 05/19/20; 05/19/20(2); 

Operations Report -Grant Swallows, Director of Schools
Electronic Sports (esport) Program, WCHS, & VNN Agreement for Gaming Platform & Hosting
Durham Transportation Services Extension (Final Before Rebid)
Tenure Recommendations
Sports Testing for COVID-19

Curriculum & Achievement 
     First Reading:
Policy JCC – Misbehaviors and Disciplinary Options
Policy JCCA – Corporal Punishment

Facilities & Resources
Construction Updates

Other Business as needed and/or requested