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12/07/21 Board Meeting Agenda

Posted Date: 11/30/21

TO:            Warren County School Board Members, Warren County Media
FROM:    Mr. Grant Swallows, Director of Schools
RE:             School Board Meeting        
DATE:      Tuesday, December 7, 2021
TIME:       5:00pm
PLACE:    Eastside Elementary, 2121 Old Rock Island Rd, Rock Island, TN  38581


Board Meeting

Call to Order and Approval of the Agenda – Tommy Culwell, Chair

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Consent Agenda (If no objections, the following items in the consent agenda will be considered passed when the consent agenda is passed)     

  • Minutes: Board Meeting: 10/25/21; Executive: 10/29/21, 10/29/21 (2), 11/04/21, 11/11/21,11/11/21(2), 11/16/21, 11/16/21(2); 11/30/21
  • Finance 
  • Checks
  • Contracts/Resolutions
  • Policies listed under consent for adoption: 6.300 Code of Conduct (formerly JCC); 6.309 Zero Tolerance Offenses (formerly JCCD);  6.411 Student Wellness (formerly JGBA); and 1.301 Executive Committee (New)
  • Bids
  • Surplus  

Student Advisory Report 

Facilities & Resources

  • Discussion and Contract Approval Request for HVAC Project Phase II - ESG
  • Construction Updates

Operations Report -Grant Swallows, Director of Schools

  • Eastside Elementary Spotlight – Principal Rex Crabtree
  • General Assembly Special Session Update

Curriculum & Achievement 
Second Reading:

  • Policy 1.3002 – Student Advisory Committee
  • Policy 6.312 – Use of Personal Electronic Devices
  • Policy 6.4081- Safe Relocation of Students

Other Business as needed and/or requested