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Assessments Department

Below is the Warren County Schools assessment calendar in English and Spanish.  The calendar shows the dates that tests will be given to specific groups of students throughout the school year.

2017-18 Assessment Calendar 

(Spanish) 2017-18 Assessment Calendar

2018-19 Assessment Calendar

Additional state assessment resources to help to foster greater understanding about TNReady: 
The TN Department of Education has published guides that walk through many of the questions heard from parents and outline the changes, particularly to the timing and structure. These guides can be viewed on the TNReady Parent Resources page. There is the Parent Guide (English)  and Parent Guide (Spanish) that explains at a high level the role of assessments.  Also, the state has launched a FAQ page, which provides additional information for parents and educators. If users do not find the answer to their question on that page, there is a form on that site through which they can submit a question to the TN Department of Education.

For more information regarding student assessments in Tennessee, visit the TN Department of Education website. 

State Assessments Calendar

July 2018
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Mon, Jun 25
Tue, Jun 26
Wed, Jun 27
Thu, Jun 28
Fri, Jun 29
Sat, Jun 30
Sun, Jul 1
Mon, Jul 2
Tue, Jul 3
Wed, Jul 4
Thu, Jul 5
Fri, Jul 6
Sat, Jul 7
Sun, Jul 8
Mon, Jul 9
Tue, Jul 10
Wed, Jul 11
Thu, Jul 12
Fri, Jul 13
Sat, Jul 14
Sun, Jul 15
Mon, Jul 16
Tue, Jul 17
Wed, Jul 18
Thu, Jul 19
Fri, Jul 20
Sat, Jul 21
Sun, Jul 22
Mon, Jul 23
Tue, Jul 24
Wed, Jul 25
Thu, Jul 26
Fri, Jul 27
Sat, Jul 28
Sun, Jul 29
Mon, Jul 30
Tue, Jul 31
Wed, Aug 1
Thu, Aug 2
Fri, Aug 3
Sat, Aug 4
Sun, Aug 5

Kim Henegar

Kim Henegar
Titles: Director of ESL and Testing
Phone Numbers:
School: 9316684022 ext. 241