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Instruction Links from Lexile Training

Resources and Learning Centers:

Targeted TextRead Works website. This is a site to help improve reading comprehension.

Reading Strategy Posters: Open Court Resources website. This site provides resources to assist teachers of the Open Court Reading program.

Twisted Tales:  BrownieLocks website. This is a site to teach older children topics in a fun way.

Current Events: NewsELA website. Find information on instructional teaching tools.  TweenTribune website. Create FREE account for continued access!

The Humanities: Edsitement website. Find information about teaching the humanities.

Media Center Link: Elementary Library Routines website. This is a website that contains library resources.

Vocabulary:  CPS website. This is a site that contains vocabulary strategies.

Vocabulary Interactive games:  VocabularyCO website. This is a website that has vocabulary building games. Vocabulary website. This site has games that help improve vocabulary.

Lesson Plans-All areas of the curriculum:  Share My Lesson website. Create FREE account to access lessons!

Vocab for ELLs-All areas of the curriculum More Than English website.This site contains resources by content area, multilingual glossaries by subject area.