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Meeting Minutes

08-09-18 Parent Advisory Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Council Meeting
AUGUST 09, 2018

The Parent Advisory Council Meeting was held on Thursday, August 9, 2018 at Warren County Schools Central Office.
Parent Advisory Members Present:

Bobby Ray:     Andrea Tallent
Dibrell:     Alan Collins, Tommy Culwell
Hickory Creek: 

Mr. Cox called the meeting to order at 5:00pm and welcomed the members. 
Mr. Cox discussed the startup of the school year. Enrollment has picked up – about 74 students above last year. Online registration forms were in use and the members present stated their children had been registered online with no issues.
Mr. Cox gave a review of the new website and showed the members where to find the board policies, school information, budgets, salaries, etc. 
Mrs. Vickie Dodd gave an update on school safety. The schools are now working to establish a quick plan flowchart for emergencies. The comprehensive plan for the state is quite large, and this would make finding what to do/who to contact faster during an emergency.
Schools still have the same SRO officers as last year. However, there is a new sheriff elected that has the authority to move them as he sees fit. The members present showed concern about moving the SRO’s that are familiar with the children, parents and school. Per Mr. Cox, the sheriff has that authority, but they may want to make their concerns known. Mr. Cox is to meet with the new sheriff and stated he would voice their concern.
Mrs. Dodd stated that grant money is being used for vestibule upgrades for safety at WCMS & WCHS. Bobby Ray and West Elementary vestibules are in upgrade building plans. Grant money  is also being used for security fencing at Bobby Ray, West, and WCMS.
Mrs. Dodd stated that there is a 3rd SRO officer being added to WCHS.
SRO officers walked all school buildings in May with Marc Martin and Jarvis Johnson looking for any security issues. There have also been some good tips sent to TEXT-A-TIP that is manned by SROs.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2018 at 5:00pm (rescheduled due to fall break).

10-16-18 Parent Advisory Meeting Minutes

The Parent Advisory Council Meeting was held on October 16, 2018 at Warren County Schools Central Office.

Parent Advisory Members Present:
Bobby Ray:       Andrea Tallent
Centertown:     Jenna Sullens
Dibrell:              Alan Collins, Tommy Culwell
Eastside:           Calisha Woodlee
Hickory Creek: 
WCHS:              Julia Noblin    
WCMS:             Darla Seymour    
West:                Mandy Eller    
Mr. Cox called the meeting to order at 5:00pm and welcomed the members. Introductions of new members were made. 
Mr.  Cox gave a presentation which included the following information:

    •  Priority Areas: Benefits for Teachers and Staff; Building/Energy Upgrades; Improve Student Literacy County-Wide; Improve Digital Learning & Infrastructure; Work to Secure a Grant Writer County-Wide

    •  TN Value Added Assessment (TVAAS) Scores presented

    •  Chronic Absenteeism: Elementary – Approx. 95% students present daily; High School – 92% present daily; District Wide absentee rate – 14.4%

    •  Graduation Rate: In 2013, WC Schools graduation rate was 87.5% and has steadily increased to 95.9% in 2017. The state average is 87%

    •  ACT Benchmark: 13.5% hit all four college benchmarks; Composite average is 18.9 with the goal being 21. In 2017, 35.2% were eligible for Hope Scholarship

    •  CTE Program: Warren Co. Schools CTE program won a Lean Frog Contest grand championship for $5,000 to go toward the CTE Program. Mr. Cox showed a video featuring the STEM students & instructors of WCHS & Motlow, TN Commissioner of Education Candice McQueen, area industry employers and himself. The link to copy and paste into a browser for viewing is:

    •  One member asked if there was any way to help control noise in the cafeterias with high ceilings and no sound absorption materials. Mr. Cox stated that he would address this and find a resolution. 

    •  Coat Donations: Mr. Cox stated that Rotary, Junior Auxiliary and WC Schools are working together to collect coats for kids. The coats will be distributed through the WC Schools Family Resource Center as well as Junior Auxiliary. 

The next meeting is scheduled for December 13, 2018 at 5:00pm. The meeting adjourned at 5:55.

12-13-18 Parent Advisory Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Council Meeting
DECEMBER 13, 2018

The Parent Advisory Council Meeting was held on December 13, 2018 at Warren County Schools Central Office.

Parent Advisory Members Present:
Bobby Ray:    
Centertown:     Cheryl Bratcher, Jenna Sullens
Dibrell:               Alan Collins, Tommy Culwell
Eastside:            Calisha Woodlee
Hickory Creek:  Brooke Totherow
Irving College:   Alyse Woodlee
WCHS:               Julia Noblin    

Mr. Cox was absent, so the meeting was called to order by Vickie Dodd at 5:00pm. 

A presentation was given by the Central Office department directors advising what each departments responsibilities are. Presentations were given by:

Autumn Turner - PreK-6 Curriculum/Instruction
Faye Taylor-School Nutrition
Robin Phillips-Equity and Legal Com
Candice Willmore-Special Education
Kim Henegar-ESL and Testing
Sonja Walker-Health Services
Shannon Railing – Coordinated School Health
Jeff Martin-Attendance
Katrina Haley-Technology (Katrina was absent. Vickie Dodd reviewed the department)
Vickie Dodd - Federal Programs
Carl Curtis-7-12 Curriculum/Instruction

The next meeting is scheduled for January 10, 2018 at 5:00 pm. The meeting adjourned at 6:50.

01-10-19 Parent Advisory Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Council Meeting - JANUARY 10, 2019

The Parent Advisory Council Meeting was held on January 10, 2019 at Warren County Schools Central Office.

Parent Advisory Members Present:
Bobby Ray:    Brian Carr                            Irving College:    
Centertown:    Cheryl Bratcher                Morrison:    
Dibrell:    Alan Collins, Tommy Culwell    WCHS:    
Eastside:    Calisha Woodlee                     WCMS:    Tina Smith
Hickory Creek:                                            West:    Trevor Galligan

 Mr. Cox began the meeting at 5:00 p.m. by having all members introduce themselves as there were some new members present.

Testing - Mr. Cox discussed the online testing difficulties from last year and the remediation plan for WCHS that is in place. WCHS will do online testing again this year, but will be in English I & II, Algebra I, II and Geometry. There will be no Science or Social Studies in 3rd-8th testing or WCHS testing. All accountability will come from English and Math. Members were shown the school website where testing resources could be found, and Mr. Cox stated that proctors are always needed for testing.

•    TN Ready Parent Resource Page:      

•    For information on student assessments in TN -

Climate Survey -Vickie Dodd, Federal Programs Director discussed the Climate Survey that closes February 1st, 2019. This survey is for teachers, students and parents and takes only about 10 minutes. Mrs. Dodd stressed the importance of the survey stating that the results are used in many ways as well as for district planning. She asked that the members take the survey and share with other parents to encourage participation. The survey can be found by going to each school website under the "parents" section (all schools are listed under "schools" on the district website).

Open Discussion – Topics discussed by the members were:
•    Teachers having to find resources to meet standards – (6 yr. textbook adoption) 
•    Taking away recess as punishment - policies/laws 
•    Online report cards and using testing scores as part of final grades or using another type of reward system for doing well on the test – Survey will be sent out
•    Online registration completion issues

Mr. Cox adjourned the meeting at 6:01pm. The next meeting will be March 14, 2019.