Warren County Schools, TN

 "One Team, One Goal, High Levels of Learning for All"

Energy Program

 "Coming Soon" copy file of the 2018 Warren County Schools Plant and Operations Energy Conservation and Building Management. Information in this manual is strictly some guidelines, checklist, suggestions and tips and recommendations to you and your staff in working together with the energy management program on ways to save energy usage and cost throughout the system.

Proposed Energy Projects (Conceptual Stage)

LED Gymnasium Lighting                         Well Water: High School Athletic Fields Irrigation Systems

        (1) Centertown                                  

        (2) Eastside

        (3) Hickory Creek

        (4) West

LED Parking Lot Lighting

        (1) Centertown

        (2) Hickory Creek

        (3) High School (project has started on the gymnasium/student parking lot section)

LED Exterior Wall Lighting

        (1) Centertown (This project is completed)

        (2) Hickory Creek

        (3) High School  (This project is completed)

LED Interior Lighting

        (1) Warren Academy

        (2) High School Annex

Below  PDF files are the physical year of 2017 Utilities Usage and Cost Reports (sewer, sewer and water, water, natural gas and electricity). A  report viewer are reports from  Schooldude Utility Direct the Warren County School System uses.