Warren County Schools, TN

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Pest Control Program-Intergrated Pest Management (IPM)


PDF file of PEST MANAGEMENT CONTROL BID SPECS is the pest management control specifications for the next three years 2016 through 2019 year.

ACE EXTERMINATING CO., INC. is our contractor and they will be performing the work.


1.  Pest Included in contract-  rats, mice, cockroaches, ants including carpenter ants as occasional invaders. winged termite swarmers emerging indoors, incidental/occasional invaders entering from out-of-doors, and flies and other arthropod pest.

2.  Pest not included in contracts, that will be considered special services and will be additional charges- birds, bats, snakes and all other vertebrates other than commensal rodents, fire ants, mosquitoes, other free flying insects originating out of doors, pests that primarily feed on outdoor vegetation, fleas, ticks, bees and bed bugs.

3. Record Keeping: The contractor shall be responsible for maintaining a pest control logbook or file for each building or site.

4. Pest Control Work and Inspection Report forms will be supplied to the contractor by the Maintenance Supervisor and will be used to advice the Contractor of routine service.

5. Each site should log in this book the problems and location of the problem in this book (Date/Room Number and/or Location/ type of pest/and sign by who reporting the problem).

Reporting On-Site Procedures

1. Each site has a "Pest Log Book" (located in the front office)

2. School Staff should report any findings of pest and log into this book.

3. Ace Exterminating Company will check book monthly and log into this book, to follow up on reports, check the building and make recommendations for treatment when needed.

Bed Bug School Response Flow Chart