Warren County Schools, TN

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Termite Control Program

Termite Treatment Services and Monitoring 2016-17 Bid is the termite treatment control specifications for the next three (years) 2016 through 2019 year.

ACE EXTERMINATING CO., INC. is our contractor and they will be performing the work.

{3 Year Termite Treatment Plan}

2016-17 Budget Year Treatment

1. Warren County High School

2. Centertown Elementary School

3. Central Office

4. Transportation Office/Shop

5. Maintenance Office/Shop

6. Pre-Pioneer Learning Center

7. Warren Academy

2017-18 Budget Year Treatment

1. Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary School

2. Eastside Elementary School

3. Hickory Creek Elementary School

4. West Elementary School

5. Irving College Elementary School

2018-19 Budget Year Treatment

1. Dibrell Elementary School

2. Warren County Middle School

3. Morrison Elementary School

4. High School Baseball Building(s)

5. High School Softball Building

6. High School Soccer Building

7. High School Football Building

8. HS/HC Welcome Center