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Free Microsoft Office 365/Office 2016

Office Download Instructions For Students and Staff

Office 365 for Students Over 13 Years Old

You can install on 5 Devices Free

This message is for all Warren County Schools students/teachers:

I suggest that you read this entire message before signing up.
Microsoft office and Office 365 are now available for all Warren County School's students/teachers FREE.   This will allow staff and students to login on any computer with an internet connection and be able to use Word, Excel, One Note, and/or PowerPoint.

To get started:

1.    Open a browser and login to your email.

2.    Open a second tab in the same browser and go to this website a New Window. (you will only do this once) enter your warrenschools email address and click Get Started.  You can only use a email (everyone should have one), to sign up for office 365.

3.    Next you will choose student or teacher. A verification number will be sent to your email. Open your email and record the verification number.

4.    Return to the “GetOffice365” page and fill out your name, birthdate, password and enter the verification code and click Start.

5.    Choose Skip on the next page “Invite More People”

6.    The next page will show your account, choose next. It will take you to a page to enter a personal email or cell phone as a recovery option. Enter at least one or you can choose cancel to go past this page but it will continue to remind you until one option is set. If you don’t have either we suggest creating a personal Gmail account. Choose Verify or cancel.

7.    You will be at your home page and see the option to download software or run the Office products from the web.

After successfully signing up from that point on you will go to this website Opens a New Window.  The “Orange Page” this will show what’s available.

If you choose to install it locally (at home):  If you have any version besides 2016 it will just install a second copy.  So, if you have Office 2013 when this is completed you will have office 2013 and office 2016.

To get Office 2016 from the Office 365 site Login to the Office365 webpage ( with the email and password you used to setup your account. Once logged in, on the home screen you will see a drop down that says “Install Office Apps”. Click and choose to install the Office 2016 application on your PC or laptop.

If you already have 2016, do not click install after signing up.  It will just do a merge and they will still be running the first copy of office that was on the PC.

This is not recommended if you already own 2016 and have it installed on your computer. You may still sign up for Office 365, but you only need to continue to use the online versions so that you can use Office online on another computer. Scroll down and use the links under collaborate with Office Online after signing up for this and successfully logging in.

Chromebooks, ipads, iphones:  Can login to and run the online apps only (word, excel, and powerpoint).
Office 2016 can be installed on 5 different devices by logging into your office 365 account. We will revoke your licenses when you graduate or withdraw from this school system.

Instructions with Pictures

Open a browser and login to your email account. Open a second tab and go to web site.  Enter your school email in the white box and click Get Started.

Office 365 for free

Are you a Student or Teacher?

1.    Choose student or teacher.  From here it will send an email to your school email.

Office 365 signup code screenshot

2. You will get a verification code sent to your Gmail account. Make note of the number.

Create your account screenshot

3.    Enter your name, create a password (you will not be able to use your email password), enter the verification code your received in Step 2, enter your birthday (you must be over 13) and click Start.

Invite More People

4. Skip this page.

sign into your account screenshot

5. Click Next

Authentification - don't lose access to your account

6.    Setup one of the options to recover. This is a safeguard in case you lose your password. You can choose Cancel to bypass this page.  If you don’t add a phone or personal email account this page will continue to pop when you launch the APPs but can be bypassed again. If you don’t have a personal email we suggest you create free Gmail personal account.

Office 365 Introduction Page

7.    You will land at this home page and can open the web versions or download the applications on a PC or laptop by choosing Install Office Apps