Warren County Schools, TN

"One Team, One Goal, High Levels of Learning for All"

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About Us

Our Mission and Shared Vision


The Warren County School District exists to achieve high levels of learning that lead to college or career readiness and social and emotional well-being for all our children.


The Warren County School District is One Team that provides a superior education for every student.

To Succeed We Must…

●     Operate as a professional learning community,
●     Ensure that school and district leadership have high expectations for all students and provide an excellent teacher in every classroom for every student,
●     Engage all families and student support systems and recognize their power to drive success for their students,
●     Follow the strategic plan developed by the board and district leadership,
●     Ensure reading on grade level by third grade for every child.

We Believe….

●     Educated citizens are critical to our society.
●     Education is a partnership among students, families, schools and community.
●     All students are of value and all individuals are respected.
●     Cultural diversity is celebrated and is important to success for every student.
●     Children are our first priority. Every decision and action must be based on the needs of our students.
●     Highly qualified, effective instructors and leaders are vital to the success of our students.
●     Every student, teacher and administrator has the right to a safe and secure learning environment.
●     Technology is an integral part of the learning process.