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Apply for Open Enrollment

In accordance with TCA 49-2-128, Warren County Schools is posting the number of available spaces for enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year.  Please review the current openings by school and grade level below to determine your interest in applying for open enrollment for your student.  Applications will open on May 15th.

If a transfer request is granted, a parent or guardian of the student would be responsible for providing transportation to the new school.  Requests will only be granted for available openings and do not include additional siblings.  An open enrollment request must be completed for each student and must be for available openings.   Additionally, there are some situations in which athletic eligibility for the 2024-25 school year could be forfeited by transferring schools for students who will be enrolling in grades 6-8.  In the event there are more applications for a specific grade level at a school than published openings, a lottery will be held to determine which enrollments will be granted.

The Application Window is OPEN now through June 14th 2024.  Please Click the "Apply for Open Enrollment" button below to fill out the application form.

                                                                          Open Enrollment now CLOSED

                                  *Applicants will be contacted Via email with determination.

Bobby Ray Elementary

4th grade - 6



Centertown Elementary





Dibrell Elementary

5th grade -11

7th grade -12

8th grade -3


Eastside Elementary

1st  grade - 6 

4th grade - 8 

7th grade - 3

8th grade - 3


Hickory Creek Elementary






Irving College Elementary

1st grade - 1

5th grade -10

7th grade - 12



Morrison Elementary

1st  grade - 7

4th grade - 1 

7th grade - 7

8th grade - 12


Warren County Middle School

7th grade - 8





West  Elementary

5th grade -3






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated  5/15/2024