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Apply for Open Enrollment

According to state law, we as a school district, are required to have an open enrollment period prior to the 2022-2023 school year.  Below are the current openings by school & Grade level.  If your student is interested in potentially transferring to one of the listed open positions they will need to fill out an application.  We will begin receiving applications Friday, May 13th, and will receive applications for 30 days.  The application process will be closing at Midnight Sunday, June 12th.

*We will only be able to accept students for the posted open positions and if more students apply for a potential grade band than available a lottery will determine the student(s) selected to fill those openings.



Bobby Ray Elementary

5th grade - 7




Centertown Elementary

4th grade - 2

5th grade - 13

6th grade - 7

8th grade - 13


Dibrell Elementary

5th grade - 4

7th grade - 14

8th grade - 8



Eastside Elementary

2nd grade - 2 

3rd grade - 10

7th grade - 5



Hickory Creek Elementary

4th grade - 1

5th grade - 7




Irving College Elementary

Kindergarten - 1

1st grade - 4

5th grade - 10

6th grade - 13


Morrison Elementary

Kindergarten - 4

6th grade - 3

7th grade - 11

8th grade - 8


Warren County Middle School

7th grade - 20





West  Elementary

5th grade - 13






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