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Forms and Other Documents

Travel Request and Reimbursement Forms



Travel request, registration request, and reimbursement forms may be obtained from principal or on-line.


    - If lodging is required, individual attending the meeting is responsible for making reservations (unless directed otherwise by principal or supervisor).

    - Registration fee must either be paid by individual and will be reimbursed after attending conference.


    Request form must be completed and signed by employee and building principal before submitting to Central Office for program supervisor and Director of School’s signatures.

    Note: Original request must be received at the Central Office at least 15 days prior to departure. Faxed or electronic copies are not accepted.


    Program supervisor and Director of Schools will approve (or not approve) request, and a copy of the request will be faxed or returned to the employee through system mail.


    Original form will be filed with appropriate department (i.e. Federal Programs, General Purpose, Food Service, etc.)


    Reimbursement forms may be obtained from principal or on-line 

    -  Employee should complete the reimbursement form.

    - Sign and Attach receipts and return to the Central Office not later than 30 days after conference (or employee may not be reimbursed for personal expenses).
    NOTE: Meal receipts are not required for reimbursement.    

*********Current Mailing address Must be provided on each travel request form.

A valet parking travel form for staff whom are traveling out of town (especially Nashville) for an overnight stay during a conference that must utilize valet due to no self-parking available at the hotel. This form must be signed and submitted with reimbursement requests to be able to receive reimbursement for parking (other that self-parking). 

Warren County Schools Evaluation and Professional Development


Carl Curtis , Supervisor of Teaching and Learning for grades 7-12 .

     These past 4 years have been very challenging for not only Tennessee students, but also  Tennessee teachers.  New standards have been implemented over these past 4 years, new tests are being designed and both of these items impact student outcomes that are used as part of all teachers overall evaluation scores.  The challenges are tremendous...but with great struggle will come great growth.   

     Along with these new challenges comes great resources and opportunities to assist teachers as they  grow and develop.  Teaching is a journey, not a destination.  Exemplary teachers will always see ways to become more effective.  One trait of a level 5 teacher is that he/she constantly reflects on how they might become more effective by looking at the current  results and using this data to improve future instruction... it is a on-going, continuous process.    

     As we face these these  challenges and more, our district and school  leaders are dedicated to providing resources that will provide teachers with  professional development that will be just in time, focused on the national , state, and local goals and differentiated for all teachers. 

     Some professional development initiatives are global in nature, some are related to school improvement plans and  some are strictly related to the evaluation refinement area identified through observation or a  teacher's personal professional goals.  Professional Development is a collaborative endeavor.  Together Everyone Accomplishes More.  TEAM

Goals of WC Schools PD:

  1. To utilize data to determine Professional Development needs for the system.  (Math  and Reading / Language Arts - system wide with focus on 3rd grade Reading / LA and 7th  grade Math)
  2. Writing Professional Development that is focused on research based practices. 
  3. Provide support for  school level and teacher level professional development to meet the needs of our students when we focus our efforts on the big ideas of a PLC and the essential questions of all learning communities. 
  4. PLCs- Greater focus on collaboration to share best practices and to solve our own curricular and instruction issues.
  5. Curricular alignment to gain focus on the standards that will match the expectations of the new test.  (Essentials identified  at each school with Common Assessments created by teams of teachers  that really test the rigor of the standards.)