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School Personnel Complaints


PDF of School Policy GAEA

School Board Policy GAEA

Issued Date 1/24/13


Whenever a complaint about an employee is made to the Board as a whole or a board member as an individual, it will be referred to the school administration for investigation and possible solutions.

The complainant shall be referred to the building principal where the employee is assigned for discussion. If after discussion, the complainant still desires to file a formal complaint, he/she/they shall file a signed complaint with the building principal. If the complaint is about the Principal, the initial referral, discussion and/or written complaint shall be filed with the Human Resource Director located at the WCBOE central office. If the complaint is about the Director, the initial referral, discussion and/or written complaint shall be filed with the Chairman of the School Board.

Whenever a written complaint is filed, it shall be investigated by either the principal or the Human Resource Director. The employee will be advised of the nature of the complaint and given opportunity for explanation, comment, and presentation of the facts as he/she sees them. After review of the allegations, the employee’s response and other evidence collected during the investigation, the investigator will take appropriate action and inform all parties that the matter has been resolved.

If, after such procedure is followed, there is still a question or complaint, the matter may be appealed in writing to the next level of review, which shall be either the Director or the Board. The Director or the Board may affirm the decision of the prior investigator or may further review or investigate the matter.

After administrative remedies have been exhausted, a complainant desiring to speak to the Board shall follow the same procedures as outlined in the board policy dealing with public participation at board meetings.

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