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Skyward Online Beginning of Year Forms for Current Students

For the 2017-18 school year, all of our schools will be using Skyward’s Online Beginning of Year form functionality to reduce the number of paper forms that our students are required to have signed and returned at the start of the school year. This is only for current students that are already registered. This new functionality will be a seamless integration with the Skyward Family Access Center and will save you, the parent(guardian), time in filling out these forms as well as the school staff in entering that data in our student information system.

Instructions for Completing Online Forms:

Completing the Beginning of Year online forms through Skyward Family Access is very easy and will take just a few minutes. Below are your steps for completing these forms:

  1. Click on the Family Access login link located at the bottom right side of this page.
  2. Login with your Warren County Schools Family Access(not student) credentials.
  3. Beginning July 10th, Click on the Online Beginning of Year Forms link in the Family Access main menu.
  4. Complete each step, making changes as necessary, and clicking the “Complete this Step and move to the next” button at the bottom of each form.
  5. Once all forms are complete, click the “Submit” button on the last page.
  6. Underneath the Online Beginning of Year Forms for Current Students, you should find an Online Forms button and we need you to also go through and view this important school information regarding your student(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I do not know my Family Access login, what should I do?
A: Complete the following form. Family Access Issues

Q: What do I do if I have forgotten my Family Access password?
A: Complete the following form. Family Access Issues

Q: Do these forms have to be completed online?
A: Yes. These forms need to be completed for all students so we can have the most accurate, up to date information in our student information system.

Q: If I have trouble completing the online forms, who do I contact?
A: Your school's attendance clerk. You can also click on the “Other Family Access Issues” link to the bottom right and complete the support request form. Someone will respond to your issue by email as soon as possible.

Q: What if I do not have computer and Internet access at home?
A: Contact your student’s school. Each school is making computer labs available for parents to complete these forms. Your school can provide you details on when computers will be available for public use.

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